Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bali - Seminyak Town - Part 1

Bali is a beautiful island , mystical and full of cultural crafts.  The place is so mystical that when I landed in Denpasar , I fe The Balinese people are warm and full of tolerance. The place offers delicious food and seafood are fresh in Jimbaran ( beach ) and I enjoyed taking pictures of the island with my camera.  Looking at Bali through the lens and the lens will never lie even under the hand of an amateur like me :)  We were there for a few days before the Chinese New Year and had our reunion dinner in Bali :) the most exciting family holiday for us this year :)   

Bali is a great place for me to learn using my new Nikon DSLR with my son and daughter to give me hand on lessons...hahaha needless to say I am the most happiest person on earth during our stay in Bali.  I get hand on lessons on photography for free , delicious food and great bonding time with my family...what more could I ask .  God is good all the time and He granted us safe journey to and back and gave us fine weather when we were there.  Supposed to be rainy season during our stay  but it was sunny all hot in fact that I am darker and look Balinese myself :p

We want to come back to  Bali again as we still have not cover Ubud and Lavina .  We realised that if we want to see the whole of Bali we need at least ten days. We feel so relaxed for it is so safe to walk around even late in the night,  unlike back home where you really fear for your life.  

...their villas are beautiful

random shot of the entrance of a villa

love the Balinese architecture.

Balinese Hindu temple

they have a lot of boutiques along their main road

motor bikes and taxis are common sight in Bali
the cab drivers are polite and most of them can speak English

the people are warm and have high tolerance..
if you want to cross the road, just lift your hand and
they will instantly stop for you...and give you a smile
and sometimes they just stop for you to cross...mmm
I am impressed...simple and happy people

people are very relaxed and are not stressed...
I don't mind buying a home here :)

when in Bali, take the Blue Bird Cab...metered one so
won't get conned

Hinduism is the main religion in Bali 

shopping paradise for tourists

my girls are walking along the street in a very relaxed mood
unlike in KL or way we can enjoy the  peace,
we will be under constant fear of snatch thieves :p

the street is lined with trees and motor bikes :)

the trees gave shades and it is nice to walk along the street

go for authorised money changer ...don't go for unauthorised one even 
if the exchange is good.  I changed mine before leaving for Bali :)

they have good cafes in Bali cater for the tourists and you can get Gelato
every nook and corner :)

every where you see bikes :) and tourist can rent their bikes for
a cheap rate for the day...

many boutiques along the road and my girls love it !

roads are narrow but neat and clean

you can see how free and easy my girls were...hahaha 
relaxed and having no fear of snatch thieves that makes walking in Bali 
much more too..taking shots with my Nikon
testing my skill after being given tips and hand on lessons :p

saw some artsy stuff as we walked along the road

glass industry ....the jars are in all shapes and sizes

stay tuned ...more of Bali in my next post :)