Monday, 28 March 2016

Raynox dcr250 Macro Conversion Lens On My NikonD3200 - Water Droplets

Trying very hard to master my photography skill on my NikonD3200 with the Raynox dcr 250 macro conversion lens which I paid RM320 for.  So much to learn from the hubby and I think my Nikon D3200 will never be a white elephant after all.  I am so thankful that my hubby is willing to take me to places where the subjects are of interest to me. Flowers, insects and food are the subject of interest for me :)  For today, I would like to share with you some of the photos I took on water droplets still hanging on the leaves.  I would not say that they are the best shots yet but I promised I will be good ...give me a year to master the art and one year from photos will be better than these :) My skin is getting darker by the days, sun tanned skin doesn't really suits me but God knows how much I love shooting with my Nikon D3200 and now I understand why my friends who takes to photography are so sun tanned and brown :)  I am turning into one too  !

all photos are taken without a tripod ...with a tripod
the pictures will be more sharp

there is still room for improvement :p

if only this is more sharper...have to get the right setting
but I love the many water droplets hanging on the leaves
before dropping off to the ground

Stay tuned...more on my takes of flowers in the coming posts

thank you for dropping by...your dropping by 
gives me inspiration to master the art 
of photography :)

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