Saturday, 30 April 2016

Close-Up - Flowers

I realised I have so much to learn on macro photography and find that I have too little time in a day. I wish there were 48 hours in a day instead of 24 hours in a day. Okay, okay , I am greedy . God knows better thus He gave us 24 hours a day.  I recently learned some new techniques from my mentor ,my hubby, and he told me that I have improved, and it is truly inspiring to learn that I have improved. Close-up photography is really can bring smaller objects in the environment to life.  All my close-up pictures are taken can be fun and a rewarding ways to photograph nature. I am proud that I could still learn new things in close-up photography :)  

this is cool....for a beginner, I quite happy with this shot......
took this close-up picture after the rain
taken with NikonD3200 with Raynox dcr250 lens attached
and taken handheld

just focus on the flower..blur background

side focus posititon

the remnants of  spider web could be seen in this picture
that is the beauty of taking a close-up lens.
the naked eye may not see the fine thread of the spider web
but through the close-up lens, it shows clearly the thread :)

Enjoy and thanks for dropping by :)

Have a blessed weekend.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Close-Up Photography - Garden Insects

Ever since I took up photography, I have been looking at things in different perspective.  This insect is very tiny that you won't notice it among the leaves .  To the naked eyes they are just a tiny brown dot on the leaves unless they move.  I took out my camera with my Raynox dcr 250close-up lens attached and aim at a closer range .  Out of the 30 shots , I managed to get a few  nice ones. Moving insects are harder to take..same like on a windy day, it is hard to take pictures of flowers. Though they are not really perfect pictures yet , I am still amazed at the color of the insects..they have a tinge of gold on them.  Beautiful  !  I love every minute of my time spend on taking close-up of insects, spider and flowers...nature makes me closer to my Creator :)  and thank you God for showing me even the insignificant ones are colorful and beautiful .  With the help of the close-up lens and with the correct manual setting one can bring out the hidden beauty things not seen to the naked eyes.

this insect is very tiny ....... hanging to tiny flowers for dear life
my camera lens is like a giant  monster

so beautiful :)

getting ready to fly off from the monster lens looming closer :)

Enjoy !   Stay tuned..I have more to share with you guys :)

Have a great day  !

Monday, 25 April 2016

Close-Up Photography - Spider From The Garden - Araneus diadematus

That spider is a Close-Close-up Araneus diadematus also known as the common garden spider.....I have interesting garden pets and pests....saw this lil fella sitting on the hibiscus leaf and here is the close-up of it.......I am having lots of fun poking around my small space I called my sanctuary...a place where I think my God is a BIG GUY...looking at small bugs and spiders and seeing how colorful they are at close-up...mind you God is indeed a genius creator and artist !  

Every morning, I will spend my time with my God first and I can't help but to PRAISE Him for His great creations!

Thank you for dropping by
Have a great day !

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Close-Up - Water Drops Photography

Yesterday heavy shower gave me an opportunity to try out close-up water drops photography in my own garden and it is truly amazing.  Praise to God for the rain and heavy one too :)

Water drops photography is really exotic , fun and a colorful visual treat all at the same time.  I find even a small water drop is an exquisite world on its own. I am so in love with close-up water drops photography that I can spend hours at it and the picture above has my Mandevilla flower reflected on each of the water droplets hanging on the green wire support . .  My first experience when I first had my Nikon was really not sharp. Click here to see my first water drops close-up .  I may not be a pro but I am deliriously happy with what I have achieved thus far and I am glad that by just looking through the lens could give me so much JOY and LOVE.  Even my sifu said that I have improved :) okay...I will get a macro lens for sure -  now what I am having is just a macro conversion lens - but according to some , it is just as good.  I pray God will bless me with a macro lens further down the year..hehehe I hope I am not hinting to God :p

this is another good shot and I am pleased with myself

the heavy shower yesterday gave me an opportunity to 
try out my close-up water drops photography

I love the reflections on the water drops  :)

water drops like a crystal hanging on my dill :)

wow..this is another nice one

love the three drops on the mini hibiscus teardrops of joy
after the scorching hot rainless days

Enjoy ! I hope you share my joy too :) and come back for more

A blessed Sunday to all 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Close-Up Photography Journey Continues - Flowers

After having bought the Raynox-250 lens, I  discovered that close-up photography, or macro photography, can be a very rewarding form of photographic expression. The shapes, textures and colours come to life in the world of close-up or macro photography and that is why I am spelled bound by close-up photography of flowers and insects.  Taking close-up of flowers on a windy day can be tough for a newbie like me, and taking  insects is even more challenging for they won't sit still for long.   I simply love my new hobby.  Love nature and it is so fun taking close-up of flowers.  Though my close-up shots are not up to standard but I know I am improving by the days.  All close-up photos are taken handheld without tripod.  I find tripod a bit troublesome and I just need to have steady hands :) I spend my free time taking close-up of flowers and insects and reading as much as I can on close-up photography.  At the moment, I am actually having a whale of a time in my close-up photography. Seeing texture, colors and shapes of insects and tiny flowers for the first time in my life.  I am amazed at God, He truly is a great creator and artist

I managed to capture the insect in this close-up

Enjoy and 
stay tuned..more flowers in my next post

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Close Up Photography Of Flowers - Awesomeness

When I am surrounded by so many beautiful flowers , and with my Nikon sling on my shoulder, what could take place ?  Of course, I could not resist and started shooting away.  To my surprised, all the pictures turned out WELL, just one or two shots were overexposed but other than that, all turned out picture perfect.....okay okay...I know there are not really 100 percent perfect yet but I consider them good for a newbie like me :)

It is inspiring to see that for a newbie, using manual setting, I could capture the flowers well. I see bokeh in the background and the close up of the flowers were quite well defined :)  Most of the Saturdays, I will be smooching around insects and flowers , now my part time job...hehehe and most important, my other half and kids are my greatest supporters.  They are proud that I could go so far and seeing improvements every day.  Thank you to my other half for spending time in these hot weather just to accompany me on all my photography learning outings.  He is my earthly best friend, companion and supporter in all my undertakings. And my Mentor too !  Thank you for all the patience !

All pictures are taken with Nikon D3200 with Raynox-250 lens attached
and are taken with manual settings. 

great improvement and I am happy with this pic

wow , to me , this is nice too except for the shadow on the petals
there is still room for improvement

another great one...petals and stigma are well defined :)

taking this under the hot sun but all efforts well paid off
I love the blur background - bokeh!
correct aperture setting !

another correct focusing :) love this!

there is still room for improvement and 
I assure you that I will give you more beautiful flowers close up photos

Stay tuned and do drop by more often to check out
on my progress on close up photography 

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and read my posts 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Close Up Photography - Garden Insect - Beetle Family

I managed to capture this tiny garden insect that I think belongs to the beetle family. This was taken with the flash on since it was dusk. It was a very tiny little one that our naked eyes could not fathom how beautiful this little insect is.  It has a gold rim round the body. Beautiful shining black body. Love my macro conversion lens that helps me see insects in different light.  All insects has got beautiful colors when see through the macro lens.  I am thankful that I can handle the NikonD3200 :) with the macro lens on manual settings.  I am proud that I have improved tremendously and I promised myself that in a year's time I will be even better than now :)

the insects has a gloss coating thus it reflected the flash light on its body
...there's still room for improvement :)

this lil fella is crawling all over my mulberry plant

slow coach from the leave to the stem :)

 Taken with DSLR Nikon D3200 and
Raynox dcr-250 lens


Friday, 8 April 2016

Garden Spider - Close Up Photography

Wow, my garden really gives me pleasure.  Small bees, spider, birds and beetles lives among my edibles and flowers. Especially now that the flowers and calamansi are blooming, there are more bees and insects helping to pollinate them.  This gives me pleasure in taking out my camera and start taking close up of the garden insects and bees.  For today, I will show you this beautiful spider taken with my close up lens.  Though I may not be a pro photographer but I take great pleasure to shoot some close up and I am happy with the results.  Taken with manual focus, I am proud that my photos turned out well. That shows that I am a good student with my hubby being the teacher. He taught me how to manual focus and tips. Mmmm I hope in the days to come, I will improve in my macro photography and be able to share some worthy photos with my readers. I love my camera and the Raynox-250 lens really gives me joy.  Now I can understand why people want to be national geographic photographers :) It truly gives them the joy of seeing through the lens taking animals and insects. I can't be like them  YET, but it truly excites me each time my pictures turned out well.

This garden spider is beautiful when taken under the close up lens. To the naked eyes it is a plain looking tiny spider but under the close up lens, you can see the designs on its body. Beautiful ! 

this spider was climbing on my garden wall when I spotted it

so beautiful...see the tone of colors just
like a leopard skin

Enjoy  !

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Macro Shots of Roadside Wild Flowers

A beautiful Sunday afternoon...I was doing some repotting under the porch awning. WB was outside the gate watering his bougainvilla plants and he saw this beautiful wild flowers by the drain. He told me that he has something interesting to show me and gosh I was really amazed and decided not to let go this opportunity. Went in and took out my Nikon D3200 with my Raynox macro dcr250 and started shooting away. Managed to get a few nice ones .  Still not very good but I would say the shots were not bad too considering the fact that I am a newbie in macro photography :)  

The flowers are very tiny. 1 cm diameter but beautiful purple in color..once fully bloom, it is white and light maroon in color.  Wild flowers are by wind pollination. I don;t know the name of this wild flowers. If you know please leave me a comment with the name of this flower. Thank you in advance if you chance to see this post of mine.

a close up of the buds

some of the buds are slowly opening up

close up of the buds opening
beautiful sight

fully opened buds....
a sight to behold...
caught the stages of oepning 
through this macro lens

love the depth of field here
I know I can do better ...just give me time
and I promised to have better quality shots

I am amazed how beautiful these flower can be
beautiful strands of silky hairs that will open up
like a silky  ball

another close up

full blooms

close up and wow such a beautiful
sight through this macro lens

I find so much joy in macro photography
and this is just the beginning...

stay tuned...more to come

and thank you for dropping by :)