Saturday, 30 April 2016

Close-Up - Flowers

I realised I have so much to learn on macro photography and find that I have too little time in a day. I wish there were 48 hours in a day instead of 24 hours in a day. Okay, okay , I am greedy . God knows better thus He gave us 24 hours a day.  I recently learned some new techniques from my mentor ,my hubby, and he told me that I have improved, and it is truly inspiring to learn that I have improved. Close-up photography is really can bring smaller objects in the environment to life.  All my close-up pictures are taken can be fun and a rewarding ways to photograph nature. I am proud that I could still learn new things in close-up photography :)  

this is cool....for a beginner, I quite happy with this shot......
took this close-up picture after the rain
taken with NikonD3200 with Raynox dcr250 lens attached
and taken handheld

just focus on the flower..blur background

side focus posititon

the remnants of  spider web could be seen in this picture
that is the beauty of taking a close-up lens.
the naked eye may not see the fine thread of the spider web
but through the close-up lens, it shows clearly the thread :)

Enjoy and thanks for dropping by :)

Have a blessed weekend.

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