Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Close Up Photography - Garden Insect - Beetle Family

I managed to capture this tiny garden insect that I think belongs to the beetle family. This was taken with the flash on since it was dusk. It was a very tiny little one that our naked eyes could not fathom how beautiful this little insect is.  It has a gold rim round the body. Beautiful shining black body. Love my macro conversion lens that helps me see insects in different light.  All insects has got beautiful colors when see through the macro lens.  I am thankful that I can handle the NikonD3200 :) with the macro lens on manual settings.  I am proud that I have improved tremendously and I promised myself that in a year's time I will be even better than now :)

the insects has a gloss coating thus it reflected the flash light on its body
...there's still room for improvement :)

this lil fella is crawling all over my mulberry plant

slow coach from the leave to the stem :)

 Taken with DSLR Nikon D3200 and
Raynox dcr-250 lens


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