Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Close-Up Photography - Garden Insects

Ever since I took up photography, I have been looking at things in different perspective.  This insect is very tiny that you won't notice it among the leaves .  To the naked eyes they are just a tiny brown dot on the leaves unless they move.  I took out my camera with my Raynox dcr 250close-up lens attached and aim at a closer range .  Out of the 30 shots , I managed to get a few  nice ones. Moving insects are harder to take..same like on a windy day, it is hard to take pictures of flowers. Though they are not really perfect pictures yet , I am still amazed at the color of the insects..they have a tinge of gold on them.  Beautiful  !  I love every minute of my time spend on taking close-up of insects, spider and flowers...nature makes me closer to my Creator :)  and thank you God for showing me even the insignificant ones are colorful and beautiful .  With the help of the close-up lens and with the correct manual setting one can bring out the hidden beauty things not seen to the naked eyes.

this insect is very tiny ....... hanging to tiny flowers for dear life
my camera lens is like a giant  monster

so beautiful :)

getting ready to fly off from the monster lens looming closer :)

Enjoy !   Stay tuned..I have more to share with you guys :)

Have a great day  !

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