Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Close-Up Photography Journey Continues - Flowers

After having bought the Raynox-250 lens, I  discovered that close-up photography, or macro photography, can be a very rewarding form of photographic expression. The shapes, textures and colours come to life in the world of close-up or macro photography and that is why I am spelled bound by close-up photography of flowers and insects.  Taking close-up of flowers on a windy day can be tough for a newbie like me, and taking  insects is even more challenging for they won't sit still for long.   I simply love my new hobby.  Love nature and it is so fun taking close-up of flowers.  Though my close-up shots are not up to standard but I know I am improving by the days.  All close-up photos are taken handheld without tripod.  I find tripod a bit troublesome and I just need to have steady hands :) I spend my free time taking close-up of flowers and insects and reading as much as I can on close-up photography.  At the moment, I am actually having a whale of a time in my close-up photography. Seeing texture, colors and shapes of insects and tiny flowers for the first time in my life.  I am amazed at God, He truly is a great creator and artist

I managed to capture the insect in this close-up

Enjoy and 
stay tuned..more flowers in my next post

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