Saturday, 16 April 2016

Close Up Photography Of Flowers - Awesomeness

When I am surrounded by so many beautiful flowers , and with my Nikon sling on my shoulder, what could take place ?  Of course, I could not resist and started shooting away.  To my surprised, all the pictures turned out WELL, just one or two shots were overexposed but other than that, all turned out picture perfect.....okay okay...I know there are not really 100 percent perfect yet but I consider them good for a newbie like me :)

It is inspiring to see that for a newbie, using manual setting, I could capture the flowers well. I see bokeh in the background and the close up of the flowers were quite well defined :)  Most of the Saturdays, I will be smooching around insects and flowers , now my part time job...hehehe and most important, my other half and kids are my greatest supporters.  They are proud that I could go so far and seeing improvements every day.  Thank you to my other half for spending time in these hot weather just to accompany me on all my photography learning outings.  He is my earthly best friend, companion and supporter in all my undertakings. And my Mentor too !  Thank you for all the patience !

All pictures are taken with Nikon D3200 with Raynox-250 lens attached
and are taken with manual settings. 

great improvement and I am happy with this pic

wow , to me , this is nice too except for the shadow on the petals
there is still room for improvement

another great one...petals and stigma are well defined :)

taking this under the hot sun but all efforts well paid off
I love the blur background - bokeh!
correct aperture setting !

another correct focusing :) love this!

there is still room for improvement and 
I assure you that I will give you more beautiful flowers close up photos

Stay tuned and do drop by more often to check out
on my progress on close up photography 

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and read my posts 


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    1. hehehe thanks...I am enjoying every minute...God is a great artist :)