Sunday, 24 April 2016

Close-Up - Water Drops Photography

Yesterday heavy shower gave me an opportunity to try out close-up water drops photography in my own garden and it is truly amazing.  Praise to God for the rain and heavy one too :)

Water drops photography is really exotic , fun and a colorful visual treat all at the same time.  I find even a small water drop is an exquisite world on its own. I am so in love with close-up water drops photography that I can spend hours at it and the picture above has my Mandevilla flower reflected on each of the water droplets hanging on the green wire support . .  My first experience when I first had my Nikon was really not sharp. Click here to see my first water drops close-up .  I may not be a pro but I am deliriously happy with what I have achieved thus far and I am glad that by just looking through the lens could give me so much JOY and LOVE.  Even my sifu said that I have improved :) okay...I will get a macro lens for sure -  now what I am having is just a macro conversion lens - but according to some , it is just as good.  I pray God will bless me with a macro lens further down the year..hehehe I hope I am not hinting to God :p

this is another good shot and I am pleased with myself

the heavy shower yesterday gave me an opportunity to 
try out my close-up water drops photography

I love the reflections on the water drops  :)

water drops like a crystal hanging on my dill :)

wow..this is another nice one

love the three drops on the mini hibiscus teardrops of joy
after the scorching hot rainless days

Enjoy ! I hope you share my joy too :) and come back for more

A blessed Sunday to all 

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