Friday, 8 April 2016

Garden Spider - Close Up Photography

Wow, my garden really gives me pleasure.  Small bees, spider, birds and beetles lives among my edibles and flowers. Especially now that the flowers and calamansi are blooming, there are more bees and insects helping to pollinate them.  This gives me pleasure in taking out my camera and start taking close up of the garden insects and bees.  For today, I will show you this beautiful spider taken with my close up lens.  Though I may not be a pro photographer but I take great pleasure to shoot some close up and I am happy with the results.  Taken with manual focus, I am proud that my photos turned out well. That shows that I am a good student with my hubby being the teacher. He taught me how to manual focus and tips. Mmmm I hope in the days to come, I will improve in my macro photography and be able to share some worthy photos with my readers. I love my camera and the Raynox-250 lens really gives me joy.  Now I can understand why people want to be national geographic photographers :) It truly gives them the joy of seeing through the lens taking animals and insects. I can't be like them  YET, but it truly excites me each time my pictures turned out well.

This garden spider is beautiful when taken under the close up lens. To the naked eyes it is a plain looking tiny spider but under the close up lens, you can see the designs on its body. Beautiful ! 

this spider was climbing on my garden wall when I spotted it

so beautiful...see the tone of colors just
like a leopard skin

Enjoy  !

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