Sunday, 3 April 2016

Macro Shots of Roadside Wild Flowers

A beautiful Sunday afternoon...I was doing some repotting under the porch awning. WB was outside the gate watering his bougainvilla plants and he saw this beautiful wild flowers by the drain. He told me that he has something interesting to show me and gosh I was really amazed and decided not to let go this opportunity. Went in and took out my Nikon D3200 with my Raynox macro dcr250 and started shooting away. Managed to get a few nice ones .  Still not very good but I would say the shots were not bad too considering the fact that I am a newbie in macro photography :)  

The flowers are very tiny. 1 cm diameter but beautiful purple in color..once fully bloom, it is white and light maroon in color.  Wild flowers are by wind pollination. I don;t know the name of this wild flowers. If you know please leave me a comment with the name of this flower. Thank you in advance if you chance to see this post of mine.

a close up of the buds

some of the buds are slowly opening up

close up of the buds opening
beautiful sight

fully opened buds....
a sight to behold...
caught the stages of oepning 
through this macro lens

love the depth of field here
I know I can do better ...just give me time
and I promised to have better quality shots

I am amazed how beautiful these flower can be
beautiful strands of silky hairs that will open up
like a silky  ball

another close up

full blooms

close up and wow such a beautiful
sight through this macro lens

I find so much joy in macro photography
and this is just the beginning...

stay tuned...more to come

and thank you for dropping by :)

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