Saturday, 2 April 2016

NikonD3200 - Flowers

Photography lessons -  NikonD3200 - Raynox Dcr250 lens.  Lesson learnt...Macro photography needs lots of light for great results.  I sure love this new hobby of mine.  Flowers are more beautiful when looked through the camera lens :)  You will be able to capture even the smallest detail which the naked eye can see. I am happy with the lenses I am having now.  Later when I am good at what I am doing, will get the Macro Lens to further help me in my macro photography.  For the time being, I must not be greedy. Take one step at a time.  It is just like a person who just got her driving lesson and wanna get a  fast speed car LOL!  Hope you share my newly alighted passion.  Taking good pictures is top on my list to achieve :)

love love this one..taken from the top

this is even more beautiful...still room for improvement

same specie of flowers but this is yellow color

love the depth of field in this picture and I am glad I managed to get it right :)

Enjoy and have a great day !


  1. You can start a photography blog to share your beautiful photos!

    1. time to start another blog lo...3 blogs enuough to keep me busy hehehe I will share my photos here..thanks for always dropping by and leaving me kind comments :)