Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Blooms Of Madeira Vine From My Garden

macro shots of these blooms from the garden
(Madeira Vine )
they are so itsy bitsy tiny 
with the close-up lens
and the right manual settings, I managed to get these blooms
and its visitors
love the bokeh in the background.

I guess there is improvement :p

taken with Nikon D3200 and
Raynox dcr250 macro conversion lens

can't identify the insect but it is a beautiful one
feeding on the sweet nectar

love the blooms
so delicate and fragile 
and smell good

the blooms are edible and the leaves 
used in stir fry :)


this lil fella is enjoying the nectar

so regal and arrogant lil fella

still posing for me

love the paper flowers

if you know the name of the insect, please a comment so 
that I can learn the name of the insect :)


ants are fighting for the nectar too :)

and this baby garden spider is lurking around too :)

Have a great day !

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