Saturday, 28 May 2016

Close-Up Photography Can Be An Addiction :)

Macro or close-up photography is quite addictive.  With this new addiction , I am always on the look out for insects or flowers in my little space where I could capture them with my Nikon. And when my Madeira Vine was in full bloom,  different species of insects will drop by and this is the time to spend time in my heavenly space :) And putting what I learnt thus far from my mentor to full use. This bumble bee paid a visit to my delight.  

The bee was fluttering all the time and I have to set my shutter speed to 1/250 sec and smaller aperture so that I could have a deeper depth of field.  I am happy that at least I managed to capture a clear picture of the bee.  Though it may not be a picture perfect as the one on the previous post, this is good consider still an amateur in close-up photography :)

my model for today :)

even the blue bottle fly loves this flower

I have thank God for sending these insects to my little space I called my sanctuary
and pray He will send more to me so that I have free models
for this learning period :)

Enjoy and have a great Sunday !