Saturday, 7 May 2016

Cozy Winter Wears

One of my cell group friend , Helen, went to Seoul recently with her family to see the cherry blossoms and on a food trail.  It was quite cold even though it is spring.  She told me it is a good time to  visit Korea during the spring time as the weather will not be  chilling to the bone and the cherry blossoms trees that lined the streets are in full bloom. A beautiful sight to behold.   

I would love to visit Korea too and enjoy the beautiful spring.   Food is another luring factor.  I love theKorean Fried Chicken, and their BBQ too.  Everything is perfect to go during Spring but I think for me, I will be shivering because I am one person that can't stand the cold.  I told Helen about this fact why I prefer to go during their summer ( might be very hot ) but she told me to visit Cozy Winters Reviews as they have good heated gloves that might keep me warm from the grips of chilly weather.  

Its thin micro-alloy heating elements gives continuus heat and effectively distributed all throughout the hands. With this gloves, I will be free to go about Seoul sight seeing and enjoys the beautiful Spring scenery.  I will definitely check it out and maybe get for Joanna too, since I will be going with her when I tour Korea.  Maybe we can hop over to Jeju Island too.  Our plans to go during Spring time will materialise with this heated gloves :)

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