Sunday, 15 May 2016

Flowers Photography

There is just this thing about the inherent beauty of a flower; the wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns that provides drama and interest to the landscape.  Whether growing wild in a field , or in the back yard, flowers are all around to showcase the beauty of the natural world. I also realised that flowers are willing subjects and lend themselves quite well to being photographed :)   I love flowers and looking at them through the close-up lens truly inspires me to be around them all day long.  I can spend hours in the hot sun taking countless shots of them.  Learning how to use manual settings under different conditions is really challenging.  I promised myself that I will be good one day and here are some of the many shots I took during one of my photography outings.  I hope you all will agree that I have improved :)  

Enjoy !


  1. All these lovely flowers from your garden?

    1. Veron, sorry for the late reply. Nope, these flowers are from the nursery. The boss and I are I get to take pictures....practising my skill in macro photography :)