Monday, 27 June 2016

Yellow-Legged Meadowhawk - Dragonfly

Male Yellow-Legged Meadowhawk  doing a tight rope walk

I love dragonflies, even as a young girl,  the first picture I drew was a dragonfly.  After taking an interest in close-up photography, I am always on the look out for insects that comes visiting to my little garden patch which I called my 'sanctuary' :)  I feel peaceful and happy when I am there surrounded by my edibles plants and flowers and insects.  Insects love my little space too for I find them always admiring my flowers :p  When I saw this beautiful Yellow-legged Meadowhawk dragonfly on the wire , I could not resist such an opportunity and quickly rush indoor and took out my Nikon D3200 and took a close shot of it with the kit lens that came with the camera.  

Taken with 45mm focal length , 1/125 sec, F11, ISO100

Yellow-Legged Meadowhawk

This is a small dragonfly, with a length of 30 to 35 mm (1.2 to 1.4 in). The wings are mostly clear but have a small patch of yellowish to orange clouding at the base of each hindwing. Mature males are brownish black on the face and thorax and have a red abdomen, while immature males have a yellow thorax and a yellowish brown abdomen. Females have a brown thorax and a brownish-red abdomen. As its common name implies, the legs of the adults are yellow.

it is eyeing other smaller insects and bugs sitting on my flowers , 
waiting for the right timing eat the insects and bugs :p
 which gave me the opportunity to take a shot of it

what a beautiful one....God's creation is awesome
look at the beautifully transparent and the gold lining 
is simply breathtaking !

doing a tight rope walk :)

like a plane going to take off  :p

the closest I could approach it in order to take the shot
which is about 1 foot away....

Enjoy !

Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Little Helper

My pot of calamansi is in full bloom and the black bees came to help pollinate the flowers. I took the opportunity to take a few close-up of them and to my surprised, I managed to capture quite a few nice ones.  Clear and sharp with a blur background...mmm I am getting there alright :p  I truly enjoy my little space...beautiful insects will drop by when the flowers are in full bloom.  I hope you too will enjoy dropping by to see my progress in my photography journey.  I love close-up for the fact that what my naked eyes can't see, I can see the details  through close-up photos. Captured the bee helping itself to the pollens of the calamansi flower.  And all the pollens sticking to the body hairs.  God has a great is the insect going to help pollinate the flowers, so he create hairs on their legs and body so that the pollens will stick on the body and as it flutters from one flower to another...and pollination is in progress...God has a great mind when He created all things...Awesome !  And I love close-up photography...its an addiction for me. Seeing nature brings me closer to my Creator :)

Taken with Nikon D3200
with Raynox DCR250 lens

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Close-Up Photography With Bokeh Effect

After months of mentoring from the hubby, I finally got my bokeh effects on my close-up flower photography. Bo-keh effects - the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens. 

Yay! I finally got it  and am feeling blessed .  Thank you God for a great mentor and for healing my arms just in time for me to venture into this photography hobby of mine :)  All  these photos were taken without a tripod. Nikon D3200 with Raynox dcr-250 lens attached.  So much improvement and I am getting almost there. A year I promised myself to be good at what I am doing now and it is already passed 6 months since I started this hobby :)

God is good all the time and all the time God is good !
My mouth shall praise thee all the days of my life

love this photo muchie

bokeh effect can be seen here

beautiful bokeh in the background
I love this pic much

beautiful flower..with twirls
could not resist but had to take a shot of it :)


love love the blur background
still have rooms for improvement

another great bo-keh background

bright sun but I still managed to get the bokeh effect at the background
hehehe lucky me

 Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks for dropping by :)

Looking For Adjustable Piano Stool

My children piano stool legs were gnawed by our furkid when he was a 4 months old. I was mad with the furkid when he did that.  It somehow spoils the image of that beautiful stool that came with the piano. I bought a new piano for them when they both started their piano  lessons way back in 1992 when they were both 5 years and 3 years old.  My daughter started a year earlier than my son. He followed for the music class and he came back begging to be given a chance to learn.  Since he knew his ABC and numbers , the music teacher approved and took him in .  Wow... they both were really enthusiastic and practiced everyday :p  The teacher was pleased and I was pleased too .

And when they practised their fingerings, the furkid will sit by their side and one day, the furkid thought the stool belongs to him and he gnaw and gnaw thinking the stool legs were his teething tool. Now he left behind his teeth marks on the piano stool leg.  Time to change to another stool.  Now the furkid has gotten over his teething season ....too old to bite on anything and time for us to change to a new one. This time we are looking for an adjustable piano stool   . Something like the picture below. Who knows I might take over the piano and learn how to play the piano since I have a bit of time left in my busy schedule.  Now I have to check with the music teacher whether she will take me in as her student. I might be the oldest student in her class :)

Friday, 10 June 2016

Finding The Art In Nail Art

It's no surprise that I enjoy taking photos, especially of animals in their natural environment.
For me, nature is a form of art that is too often overlooked. I am always looking for new and
hidden places to find works of art, and my recent quest found me landing on something I
usually wouldn't give much thought to - acrylic nails.
It's no surprise that I enjoy taking photos, especially of animals in their natural environment. For me, nature is a form of art that is too often overlooked. I am always looking for new and hidden places to find works of art, and my recent quest found me landing on something I usually wouldn't give much thought to - acrylic nails.

To start, I researched the different types of false nails available. The reason why I wanted to learn more about the base is that I consider it to be the canvas for this unconventional art. The most popular choice for nail salon technicians was to use acrylic nails due the process not only increasing the nail, or canvas, size, but it also provides the smoothest surface to work with.

The next step was where the real fun began for me, as I learned about the tools used to create such intricate and artistic designs. I quickly learned that the key to creating such designs was unusual objects, many of which I had in my home. For example, dipped in polish and used to dot the nail, bbq skewers are one of the best ways to create the shape of a love heart on a nail.

One of the aspects of nature I enjoy the most are patterns. Whether it's on a leaf or on the wings of a butterfly, how each pattern works and looks is something that has always appealed to me. When learning about nail art, I found patterns were created with items suchas sticky tape, where it is cut into slices, placed on the nail, and then covered with color. I was amazed and had to learn more. I found that the polka dot designs are created by using plasters (the very same ones you use to cover cuts and grazes). The sticky part of the plaster which has holes is placed over the nail and then painted over it. When the polish has dried, and the plaster is removed, a perfect polka design is left behind!

There are just too many styles and techniques to write about, but if you are as interested as Iam in alternative forms of art, I highly recommend you search online for pictures and techniques to learn more. My next step is to try some of the styles at home myself. If I do, you can rest assured that I will take photos and post them for to see!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Honeybees - Close-Up

I had a wonderful Monday at the nursery.  My best ever experience having to take close-up shots of fluttering honeybees. All that I have learned about lighting, aperture, shutter speed for moving objects came to good use.  I managed to get good close-up of the honeybees , though it may not be as good as those taken by the professional . I am pleased with all the shots taken with my Nikon D3200 and my Raynox dcr250 lens.  I love the bokeh (the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens) effect in the background besides the two fluttering honeybees were quite in focus.  Not bad for an amateur photographer like me.  Mmmmm, I promise to deliver better ones as I journey through my photography adventures :)

These honeybees are  so beautiful and hardworking , fluttering from flowers to flowers. And  I stood still like a statute not daring to move at all.  Even though the arms were stiff , much as I would love to move the arm or shoulder, I remained still and holding the camera in readiness to  capture them through the lens.  A slight movement will chase away the bees or shake the camera.  The hands have to be very steady or the pictures will turn out blur as the camera was handheld . Using a tripod will be cumbersome as I have to be quick to take the shots and the bees doesn't stay in one place for long.  Any seconds , they can flutters away :)
I  have never had so much fun before and I look forward to my next photography adventure and will share with you my amateur shots of nature and flowers and insects.  Okay, I am still on fire and still VERY passionate about close up photography.  
excerpt from  About Honeybees
Worker bees are the most familiar-looking member of the honeybee hive, as they make up about 99% of each colony's population.

Worker bees are all female, and they do almost everything for the hive. From birth to her death 45 days later, the worker bee is given different tasks to do during different stages of her life. Worker bees are responsible for everything from feeding the larvae (the baby bees), to tending to the queen, to cleaning the hive, to collecting food, to guarding the colony, to building honeycomb.

The stinger of the worker bee is barbed, so when she is forced to defend herself or the hive, her stinger will become stuck in the skin of her victim. She is unable to pull it out, and dies when she inevitably tears herself away from the stuck stinger, leaving it behind with the venom sack still pumping venom into her victim. Consequently, honeybees are very gentle - they don't want to die any more than you want to be stung. Be nice to them, and they'll be nice to you.

great team mates 
sharing a stalk of flowers
love the bokeh effect background ..
I scored a point here :)
mentor is pleased

busy with the nectar

this one is half hidden but can see
it is enjoying the sweet nectar here

love its backside
to me this is another wonderful shot :p

beautiful one

love the background  :)

transparent wings

the sunlight gave the wings the awesome

God is good all the time and all the time God is good
The Creator of all on earth!

Thank you for dropping by....even though the photos are taken by an amateur like me :)

Monday, 6 June 2016

My Collection Of Water Gemstones :)

Every morning, I wake up thanking God for another wonderful day :) Retirement for me is so GOOD. My kids are all married ,and as parents our responsibilities are over.  Hubby and I can enjoy the remaining days allocated to us to do what we could not do when the kids were schooling. Photography is our most enjoyable hobby now besides my cooking passion and gardening .  Seeing nature through the lens is so so wonderful. We have to see through a magnifying lens to see the beauty in details BUT God knows when He created all things on earth without the magnifying lens. He is AWESOME !  

A week ago, I woke up at 3pm listening to the rhythm of the falling rain.  Could not go back to sleep as I love the sound of falling soothing and it really calms my soul . Chatted with the Creator , I did a bit of ironing in the early morning :p and that leaves the whole morning free for me to do some photography .

Took some photos of raindrops on the flowers and to my amazement, I managed to capture some beautiful water drops hanging on stems and flowers.  And I named them my WATER GEMSTONES!

Now I would like to share with you my collection of water gemstones from my little space :)

beautiful  refraction water drops
like a crystal stone :)

beautiful shots of a refracted water drops , I named it
my crystal ball

another beautiful shot of refracted rain drops


my water diamond...perfect for one earing :)

this is awesome...I love my God
He is good...gave me my dream gemstones
hanging diamond
Diamonds are girls best friend ..hehehehe

two refracted rain drops just for your eyes

so beautiful....mygarden full of water gemstones
after a night of rain

God is good and He has given me a good mentor
to teach me how to capture a good picture :)

In all things, give God the Glory !

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Common Darter Dragonfly

I was lucky to have sighted this beautiful dragonfly on my garden wall. With a tiny ray  of sunlight kissing its spread-out wings, highlighting its beautiful golden lace like wings  This may be a common dragonfly but to me it looks awesome.  A beautiful sight indeed.  I could not go very near to the insect but managed to capture a close-up look of it.  The wings are truly see-through with intricate designs and very delicate too.

Dragonflies are beneficial to gardens.  Their diets are mosquito, midges, flies and many other insect pests. It is good to have them in your garden as they are effective in controlling insect pests. Their colors ranges and they are hunters , like hawks, with good eyesight and great speed. They have eyes that cover most of the head surface and they fly at a speed of 20-35 miles per hour.  

close-up shows the eyes covers most of the head surface
and wings are light and  strong
20-35 miles an hours

beautiful pairs of wings

close-up of the wings end
caught the sunlight ,  giving it a golden shine

Have a great weekend !

Guitar Tuner

I remembered when my kids were having their music lessons, I used to have the piano tuned.  Kids will learn to identify the key tone at early age and if the piano is not tuned properly, they will learn to identify the wrong tone the untuned piano keys give out. Same for electric guitar ...Josh wanted one for his electric guitar and I think it is a wise decision to get a guitar tuna .


It has built-in piezo transducer picks up instrument's vibration rather than sound.
Has  improved software for faster response and improved accuracy.
Has a tri-color reversible backlit LCD screen makes it easy to tune in dark environments while allowing mounting in front or behind headstock.
Has a wide calibration range (410Hz to 480Hz) and visual metronome.
Its compact design blends into the aesthetics of instrument while adding considerably less weight than other headstock tuners.
Has tunes acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and other stringed instruments.

He picked this tuner for the great features and I agree the features are good and at such affordable price too.