Saturday, 4 June 2016

Common Darter Dragonfly

I was lucky to have sighted this beautiful dragonfly on my garden wall. With a tiny ray  of sunlight kissing its spread-out wings, highlighting its beautiful golden lace like wings  This may be a common dragonfly but to me it looks awesome.  A beautiful sight indeed.  I could not go very near to the insect but managed to capture a close-up look of it.  The wings are truly see-through with intricate designs and very delicate too.

Dragonflies are beneficial to gardens.  Their diets are mosquito, midges, flies and many other insect pests. It is good to have them in your garden as they are effective in controlling insect pests. Their colors ranges and they are hunters , like hawks, with good eyesight and great speed. They have eyes that cover most of the head surface and they fly at a speed of 20-35 miles per hour.  

close-up shows the eyes covers most of the head surface
and wings are light and  strong
20-35 miles an hours

beautiful pairs of wings

close-up of the wings end
caught the sunlight ,  giving it a golden shine

Have a great weekend !