Saturday, 11 June 2016

Looking For Adjustable Piano Stool

My children piano stool legs were gnawed by our furkid when he was a 4 months old. I was mad with the furkid when he did that.  It somehow spoils the image of that beautiful stool that came with the piano. I bought a new piano for them when they both started their piano  lessons way back in 1992 when they were both 5 years and 3 years old.  My daughter started a year earlier than my son. He followed for the music class and he came back begging to be given a chance to learn.  Since he knew his ABC and numbers , the music teacher approved and took him in .  Wow... they both were really enthusiastic and practiced everyday :p  The teacher was pleased and I was pleased too .

And when they practised their fingerings, the furkid will sit by their side and one day, the furkid thought the stool belongs to him and he gnaw and gnaw thinking the stool legs were his teething tool. Now he left behind his teeth marks on the piano stool leg.  Time to change to another stool.  Now the furkid has gotten over his teething season ....too old to bite on anything and time for us to change to a new one. This time we are looking for an adjustable piano stool   . Something like the picture below. Who knows I might take over the piano and learn how to play the piano since I have a bit of time left in my busy schedule.  Now I have to check with the music teacher whether she will take me in as her student. I might be the oldest student in her class :)

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