Monday, 6 June 2016

My Collection Of Water Gemstones :)

Every morning, I wake up thanking God for another wonderful day :) Retirement for me is so GOOD. My kids are all married ,and as parents our responsibilities are over.  Hubby and I can enjoy the remaining days allocated to us to do what we could not do when the kids were schooling. Photography is our most enjoyable hobby now besides my cooking passion and gardening .  Seeing nature through the lens is so so wonderful. We have to see through a magnifying lens to see the beauty in details BUT God knows when He created all things on earth without the magnifying lens. He is AWESOME !  

A week ago, I woke up at 3pm listening to the rhythm of the falling rain.  Could not go back to sleep as I love the sound of falling soothing and it really calms my soul . Chatted with the Creator , I did a bit of ironing in the early morning :p and that leaves the whole morning free for me to do some photography .

Took some photos of raindrops on the flowers and to my amazement, I managed to capture some beautiful water drops hanging on stems and flowers.  And I named them my WATER GEMSTONES!

Now I would like to share with you my collection of water gemstones from my little space :)

beautiful  refraction water drops
like a crystal stone :)

beautiful shots of a refracted water drops , I named it
my crystal ball

another beautiful shot of refracted rain drops


my water diamond...perfect for one earing :)

this is awesome...I love my God
He is good...gave me my dream gemstones
hanging diamond
Diamonds are girls best friend ..hehehehe

two refracted rain drops just for your eyes

so beautiful....mygarden full of water gemstones
after a night of rain

God is good and He has given me a good mentor
to teach me how to capture a good picture :)

In all things, give God the Glory !

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