Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Little Helper

My pot of calamansi is in full bloom and the black bees came to help pollinate the flowers. I took the opportunity to take a few close-up of them and to my surprised, I managed to capture quite a few nice ones.  Clear and sharp with a blur background...mmm I am getting there alright :p  I truly enjoy my little space...beautiful insects will drop by when the flowers are in full bloom.  I hope you too will enjoy dropping by to see my progress in my photography journey.  I love close-up for the fact that what my naked eyes can't see, I can see the details  through close-up photos. Captured the bee helping itself to the pollens of the calamansi flower.  And all the pollens sticking to the body hairs.  God has a great is the insect going to help pollinate the flowers, so he create hairs on their legs and body so that the pollens will stick on the body and as it flutters from one flower to another...and pollination is in progress...God has a great mind when He created all things...Awesome !  And I love close-up photography...its an addiction for me. Seeing nature brings me closer to my Creator :)

Taken with Nikon D3200
with Raynox DCR250 lens