Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Homegrown Dwarf Cotton Plant In Container

I am amazed that I finally did it. Growing dwarf cotton plant in container.  It grows fast and in no time, the plant is producing flowers.  Beautiful white flowers which turns purplish pink the next day...awesome sight.  The flowers stay fresh for two days only, they drops off and cotton bolls starts to grow after the petals drop off.  This plant has to be in full sun.  Thanks to Alice who told me that the plant has to be in full sun.  After that, the cotton bolls starts to mature fast and in a period of five months ( from seeds to cotton bolls ) the bolls start bursting open and you can see the cotton inside the bolls. It takes another week for the cotton to be fluffy and ready for harvesting.  A beautiful and awesome experience planting my own cotton plants.  

Here is a rough guide to plant your own cotton plants

1. Germinate seeds ( see you tube video at the bottom of page )
2. Once germinated, repot to a plant in one container with compost soil
3. In full sun once it starts to grow to about  a foot tall
4. Give them once each week with liquid fertilizer that is high in potash (potassium ) eg.FAA
5. Cotton does not like too much water. Water seedling and mature cotton plant 3 times a week to soak the soil around the roots and allowing the top layer of potting mixture to dry slightly between waterings.
6.Flowers will appears 45 days from sowing. Flowers will wither away and form bolls which cracks open and form fluffy cotton in about 130-150 days from sowing.

I love the flowers....soft and lovely colors

the flower starts as white then slowly as it closes
it turns purplish pink before it drops off

ants loves the sweet inside 

as it closes, it is about to drop off

as soon as the petals drop off, the boll is form

as it grows to this size, the boll will cracks open

like this....soon the cotton lint will turn fluffy

it is about time for harvesting

it will crack open further to four compartment..the seeds are inside each 

I waited till it turned fluffy like the picture above 
before I harvested the cotton 

love this awesome sight :)

beautiful fluffy white cotton lint  :)
homegrown and I love watching them
matured from flowers to bolls to cotton balls

Sharing here a tube video to show how to germinate the cotton seeds...hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

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