Monday, 18 July 2016

My Dazzling Water Diamonds

After every rain shower, my garden plants looked refreshing and clean.  God even dressed the leaves with dazzling  ' water diamonds ' .  My garden is full of them and I know that I have to collect them all before they vanished off.  With the help of my trusty Nikon and the close-up lens, I captured them all . And now I can showcase them to you, hoping you guys will love my lastest collection of ' water diamonds ' from God :)  If these had been real diamonds, I would not know their worth in carats. Needless to say, my skill has improved much to my mentor 's delight.  He is surprised and in awe when I showed him the pictures taken .  

Thank God for sending a ray of sunlight after the heavy shower, turning the water droplets into dazzling diamonds :)   Though I am still a newbie in photography, I am well pleased that I managed to capture the sparkles without any special effect lens.    

I managed to capture the sparkles without the help of any special effect lens

love the sparkles caught by the correct setting of the camera

I am so proud of myself...months of handling the dslr has
paid off for me

another beautiful shot

thank you for dropping by 
and following my progress thus far :)


  1. Sparkling diamonds in your garden.

    1. Hahaha yea Nan, these water diamonds are refreshing for the eyes :)