Sunday, 10 July 2016

Time To Harvest The Edamame

If you have read my previous post on my homegrown edamame, you will know that it has been six days since and yesterday was time to harvest them before they turned into matured beans.  So happy that I succeeded in growing the edamame plant.  The experience is really wonderful. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when I harvested them our salad that night.  

Edamame boasts terrific flavor and nutrition. I am glad that I tried my hand in growing them. Edamame is a Japanese word that means " beans on branches" which actually describes the way this vegetable type soybean grows. The pods appear in bunches on branched ,bushy plants. Edamame offers a tender, toothsome bite and is picked before the pods are fully ripen. The flavor tastes like a cross between a pea and lima bean.  Each pod yields two or three beans packed with high quality protein, along with calcium, fiber, vitamin A and isoflavones ( health-enriching disease fighting compounds ) They are easy to grow as they are heat tolerant and attract few pests.

Click here to know more on how to plant edamame

time to harvest the pods once they are plump

I harvested the plump ones only and leave the rest to mature for later use

best time to harvest them is in the evening and that 
was what I did ...taste sweet and nutty

I blanched them in salt water for four mins and
soaked them in ice water
added them to my salad..yummy!

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