Friday, 26 August 2016

Tarnished Plant Bug - A Major Pest

I discovered many different garden bugs in my little space which I cannot identify them all. I am not sure which are good ones and which are pests.  With the naked eyes , one can't make out what they are because of their minute size. They are so tiny that I need to use my close-up lens to see what bug or insects they are.  I googled for garden insects and found that it resembles much like a Tarnished Plant Bug which is major pest to the gardener.  

The tarnished plant bug is a species of plant feeding insects of the family Miridae. It has piercing-sucking mouthparts and has become a serious pest on small fruits and vegetables . Adults grow up to 6.5 mm in length, and are brown with accents of yellow orange or red with a light colored "V" on the back (dorsal) They move from garden plants to lay eggs in stem and leaves. Eggs are hatch in ten days.  Their habitat are flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and weeds. It favors cotton, alfalfa, beans and stone fruits.  Organic control are garlic oil or kaolin clay and plant oil products on large and serious infestations.  Cover plants with floating row colors.

I saw this stray one on my cotton plant and much as I hate to destroy it, I have too. I spray the homemade fermented garlic and chilli water onto the cotton plant But before I do that, I took a close up of it and to my amazement, it has a beautiful copper brown color on its body. A tiny weeny insect. 

I am happy with my photography skill, still have room for improvement
and I know I can do it with more practices with my Nikon :)

can see this lil fella in details....what a waste it is a pest or I will
have allowed it to stay in my lil space :)

Enjoy and have a great weekend !

Friday, 19 August 2016

Harvesting Taiwan 'Yau Mak' Seeds

A week after the flowers of Taiwan Yau Mak are in full blooms, the petals dropped and the seeds are ready for harvesting.  This is the most careful period as the seeds are very light. They are held on and protected by the light fine silky white hairs. Appearance of the seeds are like the black sesame seeds except they are so light that a light wind will have it blown away.  Once it is at this stage as shown in the photos above, the seeds are ready for harvesting. This is the most interesting edible that I have planted thus far.  This edible keeps growing and supplying me endless harvest.  They keep multiplying leaves for every forthnight supplies .  A blessing from God indeed and my Nikon gives me great pleasure as I can capture my edibles and nature in its origin state and I can hold on to these memories  in later years :)  Looking at God's creations through the Nikon.  My Nikon always brings me closer to God.

 love playing with my Nikon and I am pleased with the results :)

light and fragile....a beauty in my eyes 

the seeds are protected by the fine silky hairs

love this picture taken at this angle. A very complete one to me :)

this picture shows the awesomeness of God
created  these silky hairs just to hold the seeds

the silky hairs is to hold the very light black seeds and protect
the wind from blowing it away while it is maturing on the flower 


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Flowers Of Taiwan 'Yau Mak' (Celtuce family)

I am very happy when the Taiwan Yau Mak in my little space starts to bloom.  The flowers are unique and so beautiful. Tiny yet impressive with the golden egg yolk color stamens.  I could not let this golden opportunity slip by.  This is the third flowering and I am happy with the shots I took with the close up lens. Sharing some of the flower shots with you and hope you will enjoy it as much as I am :)

I get to harvest the edible leaves for stir fry every month. It is tasty and flavorful when stir fry with fermented beancurd ( fu yee )

Looking For A Guitar Center In Pasadena

When we heard that our girl will be going to US to attend an important conference last year, we were so excited for her .  She will be meeting her cousin who has resided and working in Texas for a couple of years.  Jo asked what is the best gift to give to her cousin whom she will be meeting for the first time.  I suggested to Jo to get her something related to music as this cousin is a music lover and plays a lot of musical instrument.

Jo googled for  guitar center pasadena tx as her conference place is near to Pasadena.  I guess she is thinking of getting her cousin a guitar and the best place to get one for her would be at Guitar Center Pasadena and they have the state of the art music lessons studio. Mmmm...she may even sign her cousin up for some advance lessons for the cousin. The good news is , the center is open every day of the week , so there's always a right time to visit even if the cousin is on a busy schedule. So I guess this is the best gift to give to the cousin :)

Friday, 12 August 2016

Horned Leafhopper

Managed to capture a close up of this minute horned leafhopper resting on my dwarf cotton plant. It is intriguing and rare . A minute bug and fast jumper :)   Love it ! I hope to give you a better shot of it next time I see this little fella .

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Resting Flying Ant On My Calamansi Plant

Seriously, after I had my Nikon camera and the raynox dcr 250 lens, I potter around my small space more often then before.  Looking for interesting insects and things to practice on .  I need to improve my photography skill and this resting flying ant is a good enough specimen for this morning. Its actual size is 1 inch in length.  I have never seen such a giant one before.  I whip out my dslr and start taking shots at different angle and at different manual settings.  I had a wonderful morning taking this resting and tired ant.  My subject for the morning :)  With the close-up lens, I could see the structure of the ant in great details.  Its body is quite symmetrical . The wings are long, transparent and beautiful shaped.  Looking at it brings to mind another wonderful creation of God.  I can't stop looking at this close-up with AWE !  Though the picture is not a pro one , I am still  happy with the result as it was early morning and the sky was cloudy.  I had to use the camera flash , so I consider this is a good take :p

Pictures taken with Nikon D3200
with Raynox DCR250 close-up lens

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Long Legged Fly - Dolichopus spp. - Insect Predator

A beautiful Sunday afternoon spent in my little space, my trusty Nikon in one hand and searching around for specimen to take.  Found this beautiful metallic greenish-blue to greenish bronze long legged fly sitting and resting on my mulberry leaf and at times resting on the okra plant.   Adults are small flies, less than 8mm in length.  I googled and found that it is beneficial to all my edibles in my little space.  Its scientific name is Dolichopus spp.   Adult are general feeders : thrips, aphids, larvae of small insects, spider mites, etc. Immatures of some species prey on small insects, while others are believed to be scavengers.  Wow....I seriously welcome them to my little space :) 

They are the most unappreciated flies around until you use a close-up lens to see the beautiful colors on their body and when sun shines on its wings, you see colors of  rainbow on the wings. God is awesome!  

Click here to read more on this unappreciated long legged fly

seriously , they really have long wonder
their common name is long legged flies

Enjoy !