Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Resting Flying Ant On My Calamansi Plant

Seriously, after I had my Nikon camera and the raynox dcr 250 lens, I potter around my small space more often then before.  Looking for interesting insects and things to practice on .  I need to improve my photography skill and this resting flying ant is a good enough specimen for this morning. Its actual size is 1 inch in length.  I have never seen such a giant one before.  I whip out my dslr and start taking shots at different angle and at different manual settings.  I had a wonderful morning taking this resting and tired ant.  My subject for the morning :)  With the close-up lens, I could see the structure of the ant in great details.  Its body is quite symmetrical . The wings are long, transparent and beautiful shaped.  Looking at it brings to mind another wonderful creation of God.  I can't stop looking at this close-up with AWE !  Though the picture is not a pro one , I am still  happy with the result as it was early morning and the sky was cloudy.  I had to use the camera flash , so I consider this is a good take :p

Pictures taken with Nikon D3200
with Raynox DCR250 close-up lens

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