Friday, 19 August 2016

Harvesting Taiwan 'Yau Mak' Seeds

A week after the flowers of Taiwan Yau Mak are in full blooms, the petals dropped and the seeds are ready for harvesting.  This is the most careful period as the seeds are very light. They are held on and protected by the light fine silky white hairs. Appearance of the seeds are like the black sesame seeds except they are so light that a light wind will have it blown away.  Once it is at this stage as shown in the photos above, the seeds are ready for harvesting. This is the most interesting edible that I have planted thus far.  This edible keeps growing and supplying me endless harvest.  They keep multiplying leaves for every forthnight supplies .  A blessing from God indeed and my Nikon gives me great pleasure as I can capture my edibles and nature in its origin state and I can hold on to these memories  in later years :)  Looking at God's creations through the Nikon.  My Nikon always brings me closer to God.

 love playing with my Nikon and I am pleased with the results :)

light and fragile....a beauty in my eyes 

the seeds are protected by the fine silky hairs

love this picture taken at this angle. A very complete one to me :)

this picture shows the awesomeness of God
created  these silky hairs just to hold the seeds

the silky hairs is to hold the very light black seeds and protect
the wind from blowing it away while it is maturing on the flower