Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Long Legged Fly - Dolichopus spp. - Insect Predator

A beautiful Sunday afternoon spent in my little space, my trusty Nikon in one hand and searching around for specimen to take.  Found this beautiful metallic greenish-blue to greenish bronze long legged fly sitting and resting on my mulberry leaf and at times resting on the okra plant.   Adults are small flies, less than 8mm in length.  I googled and found that it is beneficial to all my edibles in my little space.  Its scientific name is Dolichopus spp.   Adult are general feeders : thrips, aphids, larvae of small insects, spider mites, etc. Immatures of some species prey on small insects, while others are believed to be scavengers.  Wow....I seriously welcome them to my little space :) 

They are the most unappreciated flies around until you use a close-up lens to see the beautiful colors on their body and when sun shines on its wings, you see colors of  rainbow on the wings. God is awesome!  

Click here to read more on this unappreciated long legged fly

seriously , they really have long legs..no wonder
their common name is long legged flies

Enjoy !

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