Friday, 26 August 2016

Tarnished Plant Bug - A Major Pest

I discovered many different garden bugs in my little space which I cannot identify them all. I am not sure which are good ones and which are pests.  With the naked eyes , one can't make out what they are because of their minute size. They are so tiny that I need to use my close-up lens to see what bug or insects they are.  I googled for garden insects and found that it resembles much like a Tarnished Plant Bug which is major pest to the gardener.  

The tarnished plant bug is a species of plant feeding insects of the family Miridae. It has piercing-sucking mouthparts and has become a serious pest on small fruits and vegetables . Adults grow up to 6.5 mm in length, and are brown with accents of yellow orange or red with a light colored "V" on the back (dorsal) They move from garden plants to lay eggs in stem and leaves. Eggs are hatch in ten days.  Their habitat are flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and weeds. It favors cotton, alfalfa, beans and stone fruits.  Organic control are garlic oil or kaolin clay and plant oil products on large and serious infestations.  Cover plants with floating row colors.

I saw this stray one on my cotton plant and much as I hate to destroy it, I have too. I spray the homemade fermented garlic and chilli water onto the cotton plant But before I do that, I took a close up of it and to my amazement, it has a beautiful copper brown color on its body. A tiny weeny insect. 

I am happy with my photography skill, still have room for improvement
and I know I can do it with more practices with my Nikon :)

can see this lil fella in details....what a waste it is a pest or I will
have allowed it to stay in my lil space :)

Enjoy and have a great weekend !