Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Growing Lady's Finger/Okra Is So Fun

I grew lady finger for fun ..just wanted to test out whether it will die on me. I do not have green fingers :) plants died easily under my care.  My friend told me that it is the easiest to grow of all the greens and true enough it grew well and never stop supplying me with ladies finger for two months, then it slowed down and the fingers getting smaller.  I guess I have neglected them because I travels often and have forgotten to feed them fertilizers.  The first one month, I get to enjoy big and young ones.  

The flowers are beautiful and I understand lady's fingers are of the same family as the Hibiscus. No wonder their flowers are quite similar :)   the petals are sweet yellow in color with a dark maroon shade on the inside and the stigma are like rubies...so pretty. 

Want to know more about lady's finger planting and the health benefits of lady's finger, click on the link below

The photos above were taken by yours truly with the Nikon D3200

Lightweight Modular Speaker System

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Refracted Water Drop Photography

I love taking water droplets on flowers , stems or leaves or even on wire lines.  After having read so much on refracted water drop photography online, I realised it needs a lot of skill. I would like to see what other subjects I can capture refracted in a drop of water.  It is amazing to see an image captured refracted in a drop of water hanging on a leaves or a branch. I may not be good yet but I am happy at this stage.  Sharing with you some of the pictures I took in the garden after a heavy shower .  Simply love it when I managed to get one or two ones refracted water drops :)   The first two pictures are just water droplets still hanging onto the cotton buds after the shower of rain. 

The below pictures are refracted water drop on my hibiscus plant.  Some images could be seen but not very define.

this is more defined...can see it is leaves 

this is slightly better , can see the subject in the refracted water drops

OK...I promised to take better refracted water drop pictures :)

Enjoy !

TidebuyLeather Jackets 2016 Online for Sale

There seems to be offers everywhere. It is sales time I guess.  Online shopping is a norm now with the young and old. Me included , needless to say , for me it is even better because I don't need to physically go to the mall or boutiques to  search for dresses and jackets.  I am looking for one that is simple and nice and must be withind my budget.  I did a check on Tidebuy cheap leather jackets for women on sale and found that they are  really giving great discounts. Good news for me and I quickly phoned my daughter to let her know about Tidebuy discount casual blazers for women online  for she too is looking for a fashionable jacket to match her other dresses.  A white color one can match different floral dresses and I will definitely get one that will match my other dresses. The picture below is my first choice and I told my daughter that I have picked my choice so that she will not pick the same one like mine or we will both be wearing the same jacket to the same function :p

There are many choices and each is beautifully designed to suits younger and older ladies.  Shopping online makes shopping hassle free and at the comfort of our own home.  Just a click and the online boutique is at your doorstep :)  We must make our life easier and stress free from having to watch our surrounding especially snatch thieves are on the rise.  I can vouch for online shopping anytime!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Large Paper Wasps Are Predators - Beneficial To Your Garden

We have to protect our garden with beneficial insects. We need to plant the right flowers to attract beneficial insects to our garden.  I am glad that I have more of good insects than bad ones. Thank God for bringing thus far good ones for me :)  

Most paper wasps are beneficial in their natural habitat, and are critically important in natural biocontrol. Paper wasps feed on nectar and other insects, including caterpillars, flies, and beetle larvae. They are a known pollinator and feed on known garden pests and they are considered to be beneficial by gardeners.  I managed to take a close up of this  large paper wasp resting under my okra leaf.  I am happy to have them in my garden. They are not only beneficial to my garden , they are beautiful to look at too :)  That is to my opinion :) you dont have to agree with me.

I love my lil space...everyday is a great day for me..seeing the insects and flowers and edibles makes me happy and that is something moolah cannot buy.  

Have a great day !

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Spider Web

Just testing out my skill in taking this spider web and though it may not look professional but I am happy to have at least caught the light shinning through the baby spider still sleeping and oblivious to what is happening.  This picture reminds me how contended one can be :p  

Trying out many different settings and getting different light effects ....retirement is good ! I have all the time looking at God's beautiful creation through the lens and it definitely brings me closer to my Creator :)  There is no fault with HIS creation , even how minute the spider can be, just looking through the lens, it shows the beauty  of HIS creations :)  Just looking at how a tiny spider could spin out the web.  Awesome !

this spider has made its web between my plants and I would
not have noticed it if not for the light shining through

every creation has their homes and this web is so fine and delicate

almost torn down by me if not for the sunlight shining through 
at an angle :)

sleep tight baby :)

Have a great day !