Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Growing Lady's Finger/Okra Is So Fun

I grew lady finger for fun ..just wanted to test out whether it will die on me. I do not have green fingers :) plants died easily under my care.  My friend told me that it is the easiest to grow of all the greens and true enough it grew well and never stop supplying me with ladies finger for two months, then it slowed down and the fingers getting smaller.  I guess I have neglected them because I travels often and have forgotten to feed them fertilizers.  The first one month, I get to enjoy big and young ones.  

The flowers are beautiful and I understand lady's fingers are of the same family as the Hibiscus. No wonder their flowers are quite similar :)   the petals are sweet yellow in color with a dark maroon shade on the inside and the stigma are like rubies...so pretty. 

Want to know more about lady's finger planting and the health benefits of lady's finger, click on the link below

The photos above were taken by yours truly with the Nikon D3200

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