Thursday, 15 September 2016

Refracted Water Drop Photography

I love taking water droplets on flowers , stems or leaves or even on wire lines.  After having read so much on refracted water drop photography online, I realised it needs a lot of skill. I would like to see what other subjects I can capture refracted in a drop of water.  It is amazing to see an image captured refracted in a drop of water hanging on a leaves or a branch. I may not be good yet but I am happy at this stage.  Sharing with you some of the pictures I took in the garden after a heavy shower .  Simply love it when I managed to get one or two ones refracted water drops :)   The first two pictures are just water droplets still hanging onto the cotton buds after the shower of rain. 

The below pictures are refracted water drop on my hibiscus plant.  Some images could be seen but not very define.

this is more defined...can see it is leaves 

this is slightly better , can see the subject in the refracted water drops

OK...I promised to take better refracted water drop pictures :)

Enjoy !

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