Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Spider Web

Just testing out my skill in taking this spider web and though it may not look professional but I am happy to have at least caught the light shinning through the baby spider still sleeping and oblivious to what is happening.  This picture reminds me how contended one can be :p  

Trying out many different settings and getting different light effects ....retirement is good ! I have all the time looking at God's beautiful creation through the lens and it definitely brings me closer to my Creator :)  There is no fault with HIS creation , even how minute the spider can be, just looking through the lens, it shows the beauty  of HIS creations :)  Just looking at how a tiny spider could spin out the web.  Awesome !

this spider has made its web between my plants and I would
not have noticed it if not for the light shining through

every creation has their homes and this web is so fine and delicate

almost torn down by me if not for the sunlight shining through 
at an angle :)

sleep tight baby :)

Have a great day !

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