Tuesday, 25 October 2016

An Ordinary Housefly Can Look Good In A Close-Up Image :)

I had a fun time taking close-up pictures of this housefly taking a rest.  It is a common housefly but using a Nikon Af-s DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8g lens  and attached a Raynox dcr250 lens to it, the housefly looks gorgeous .  Love the silver shine on it, making it looked robotic .  I am proud that these pictures were taken hand held without a tripod.  

I am improving by the days and I love my Nikon D3200...a perfect entry level for newbie like me :)  I cannot believe that I have progress so fast.  I have to thank my sifu husband for having the patience to teach and guide me .  Thanking God for giving me  steady hands even though I am a retiree :p
love the blur background

robotic look

an ordinary housefly can look good in a close up  image


  1. Great shot! Having fun shooting a housefly.

    1. hahah yea I am having lots of fun with the dslr :)