Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cheap Wedding Shoes NZ

Not only wedding dresses are the main focus on any brides.  Wedding shoes are just as important and also the center of attention.  During my time, wedding shoes were plain simple white.  Now as you can see from the picture below...they are gorgeous looking with beautiful shining floral decorations on its side.  I saw this pair of wedding shoe from www.styledress.co.nz  

Any bride would be a shining star with this pair of Auckland Appealing Platform Stilleto Heels Wedding Shoes.  It is affordable and comfortable for any brides to be :)  I am in love with this pair and I would be happy to wear it for my coming 40th wedding anniversary :p  Why not, as I am not that tall ..this heel would be perfect for me.  Love this pair of heels to bits.  You can check out for more Cheap Wedding Shoes NZ at Styledress.co.nz

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