Saturday, 15 October 2016

Guitar Display Case

When my son left for Singapore to work, he left behind his old electric guitar . After a year in Singapore, he bought himself a new electric guitar.  Each time I entered his room to clean the place, I saw his old guitar laying on the study table collecting dust.  His dad said to get a display case to hang up his old guitar .  It will be a great idea to purchase one . We googled and found one guitar display case that would fit perfectly for our son's electric guitar.  It comes with a locking hinged plexiglas door and 2 keys and it is designed to safely hold your electric guitar. And the hardtop case features a solid wood frame with a black felt back panel and padded guitar neck hook.

We took a picture of the guitar display case for his approval .  If he approves , then Daddy will go ahead and order one for the electric guitar :)

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