Friday, 28 October 2016

Straight Human Hair Wig

I love my hairstylist friend Joe and he is the only one that can give me a good haircut that suits my face.  During  my recent trip to his salon and had my hair trim, he told me that my hair is thinning and he is worried for me.  I am worried too :p  He suggested that when the time comes, I can wear a wig and he told me that I could get straight human hair wigs when the time comes that I need to wear one. I asked him where can I get one that looks natural and he told me to go  and I visited their website and found a wide range of hair wigs of different style.  Now I am not worried anymore. Should the day come, I will get one online.  I saw one that I like ...mmmm I might even look younger with the wig :)  

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