Monday, 28 November 2016

Long Legged Fly - Taken With Built-In- Flash On

I am really proud of myself...after having lessons and lessons on macro photography from the hubby...these macro photos of the long legged fly has made him PROUD.   I  have indeed improved by leaps and bounds. I will NEVER say "I am too old to learn" ! I did it!   First time learning to use the built-in-flash though and the pictures turned out great.

With the naked eye, you see a small tiny fly with a faint luminous blue on its body but with the close-up lens and using the Nikon D3200 built-in flash set at 1/8 , I managed to get this beautiful shot . You can even see the hairs on its body so clearly. And it brings out the beautifully color of green, blue, metallic gold or silver.  A simple tiny fly , once magnified through the macro lens, you see something so awesome!  This is a good fly to have in the garden. 

Hubby is proud of my achievements and he is constantly guiding me through my photography journey. Taken with the entry level Nikon D3200 with 35mm 1.8g lens attached with Raynox dcr 250 close-up lens.

Long Legged Fly - beneficial insects for the garden

love this shot.....

beautiful insect predator....

Long-legged flies species (Dolichopus spp.) in the Galveston-Houston region
 are slender and often beautifully colored with green, blue, metallic gold or silver.

learning how to use the built in flash  pays off ....

another great shot


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