Friday, 11 November 2016

Perak First McDonald Outlet To Close After 30 Years

It did not seem so long ago but reality struck when I read in the papers that our favorite McD outlet is closing . Yes, it was true after all and it really was 30 years ago. This outlet brought back many sweet memories . We were happy way back then when it first opened as it meant we did not have to drive all the way to KL just to enjoy McD .. it was really like a treat back then. A Big Mac was a sight to behold and I could eat two ! 

When we had our kids this was their favorite place for birthdays as it was food,icecreams and swimming in a huge pool of coloured balls.!    Many kids had similar activities too and some met here for group studies as they grew up. 

So we decided one morning after our marketing to just take the 'skybridge' across to McD. This in itself was a first for us as there was no over head bridge back then. We ordered two McD breakfast and sat strategically at a table so that we could observe the goings on. It was rather sad as just being there brought a flood of memories , 30 years of it. Many people were shocked that this iconic landmark is soon to be no more. In any case ,we were here just one last time and took pictures for the album ad they served their soon to be last breakfast . Goodbye McD sniff sniff sniff it's been a good 30 years.

This McDonald outlet holds sweet memories for 
us especially my kids :)

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  1. So sad to see this place close down. Looks like you are the only customers there?