Friday, 18 November 2016

Pollinator For Eggplant - Stingless Bee

Stingless Bees are great pollinators for our garden plants especially for  eggplant and calamansi .  I managed to take a few shots of them busy working on my eggplants. A beautiful sight to behold and if you want to know more of these stingless bees or kelulut bees, click here for more information on them.  Besides being helper pollinators, they produces honey... and some believe that their honey are highly antimicrobial and has an even stronger medicinal value compared to New Zealand's Manuka honey.  Many of my gardener friends are trying  to be beekeepers too.  Interesting hobby I would say.  

my lil helper at work :)

look at the pollen sticking on their legs

they rely entirely on flower nectar and pollen for food,
 they are important pollinators of many forests and plants.


job accomplished...soon the eggplant will appear :)

successfully pollinated by the stingless bee
the swelling shows eggplant flower is successfully pollinated

few days later,the appearance of  eggplant 

a week later, it grows to this size

and it is now time to harvest the mini eggplant :)

thank you to the stingless bee for being the busy pollinator


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