Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Colorful Cosplay Wig

Wearing wigs are the in thing now.  One can have any hair fashion for the day and yet looks elegant and beautifu and natural.  They are many types of wigs available and can be purchase online. They are human hair lace front wig  besides synthetic ones.  But as for some who have allergies , they can have the human hair wig.  It looks natural too.  A close friend was telling me the other day that I should wear wig to cover up the grey hairs and wearing a wig will help hide my hair drop problem.  Mmmm...I am still thinking about it.  I know that I will have lots of fun having new hair style for different dinner functions that I will be attending in the near future.  Girls Day out with my daughters and bloggers meet up...whoa, the more I think about it the more excited I am getting :) For a change maybe an Alfro look  for the coming Christmas party ....hahaha no one will recognised me for sure!

There are also Colorful Cosplay Wig for people who loves costume play and who loves to dress like their anime idols.  Every year they have competition dressing like their anime idols like Sailor Moon and all.  Now looking at what this website has to offers, I know this is where they got their colorful cosplay wig from.  A wide range of cosplay wigs to choose from.  

I am quite intrique by this Sailor Moon Small Lady wig which is of synthetic material and is capless , has middle parting and  has medium hair length, comes in pink and it fits all sizes . My friend's daughter is crazy over Sailor Moon small Lady and I heard she is joining the anime competition in 2017.  Now I know where she can get the wig from. She will be thrill to bits , one item solved.  Now she just have to get the costume tailored and she will be a good replica of  Sailor Moon Small Lady  :)  Can't wait to tell my friend where her daughter can the cosplay wig from !

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