Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Flowers Of Taiwan Gao Gei

I planted Taiwan Gao Gei for their leaves and not so much for the flowers.  Because I am out of state most of the time, I didnt have the time to harvest the leaves and cook them and thus it has been growing taller by the days without harvesting any of the leaves , last week it started flowering when I was back from visiting my daughter. My lucky day, I managed to see it flowering.  Took the camera out and starting shooting away.  Now I have the whole process, from when it started budding to full blooms.  Beautiful purplish sweet and they blooms in cluster.  The blooms lasted only for 3 to 4 days :) so we don't get to see the whole cluster of flowers.

I am not sure whether the flowers are edible but the leaves are great for making soup . After having witnessed the whole process of the flowers blooming , I harvested the leaves and cooked them in anchovy soup with an egg.  Taste delicious!

beautiful purple buds

so happy to see the full bloom

love this serene !

the flowers can only laste 3-4 days

if only they bloom at the same time then will have a beautiful cluster of purple flowers

close-up of flowers

This is my first time seeing the blooms of Taiwan Gao Gei

on the 3rd or 4th day, the flowers turned to darker purple pink
before they dropped off

Hope you enjoy as much as I do :)

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