Sunday, 26 March 2017

Are You Looking For Dynamic Microphones?

Our friend Joe has taken an interest in playing the harmonica. It is easy to play and it is quite cool to watch him play the harmonica besides the keyboard.  Joe is not only a talented singer, he plays musical instruments well too.  His recent addiction is playing the harmonica.  Now he is looking for a dynamic microphone  for his harmonica . He is going to play songs with his harmonica during his performance at the hotel which he is contracted to sing for the whole of 2017.  Something new for him and I am sure the patrons will be happy with his perfomances.  Everyone will be looking for something new and with a dynamic microphone, he will bring out the music to an even greater level.

He googled and found this Shaker Madcat Harmonica Microphone which has fantastic features such as :-
-  exremely easy to hold
-  highly feedback resistant
-  technique senstive
-  wide frequency range, full fidelity reproduction
-  handmade in Arkansas, USA
-  microphone body and grill made of special high strength thermo resin compound
-  has a 42" cord with belt clip adapter
-  wireless system compatible
- has  GNS technology (Good Noise Sampling )
-  great with all genres of music ( blues to bluegrass to Bach, heavy metal to rock )
- weigh 3.5 oz

He loves the color of this Shaker Microphone and he can't wait for it arrives :)

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