Friday, 28 April 2017

Collecting Knick Knacks Is A Time Honored Hobby

Knick knacks, trinkets, baubles, curios. These are just a few names for objects that have no intrinsic value, but that nonetheless have sentimental value to people. Not only do people gravitate to these supposedly “useless” items, some even collect them. Collecting is a time honored hobby, and common collectibles are stamps, coins, action figures, and I ,myself, even collect bottle caps. Collecting things likely feeds the primal instinct in us to hoard food for survival, or it may have to do with our yearning for exploration or knowledge. What we can all agree on is that collecting things makes us feel good. If becoming a collector sounds interesting to you, here are a few examples of collectibles to get you started.

As previously stated people love collecting stamps and coins. The reason for this, besides the fact that coins are a unit of currency, is that stamps and coins are snapshots of a certain point in time. Coin collectors like to collect limited edition coins, for example, because these coins were minted in small numbers and few exist, so they exist as a reminder of the time in which they were minted. Similarly, stamps come in a wide variety of designs, none of which are made in perpetuity, so each design is only manufactured so many times. People collect these unique designs as sort of a reminder of the past.

Another common type of collection is of certain apparel, such as shoes and hats. While I can’t say what it is, specifically, about these items that their collectors value, that’s part of what collecting things is all about. It’s about collecting something you find interesting, whether or not it’s valued by the masses. For example, my collection of bottle caps would be considered litter-al garbage (get it?) by most, but I like them, so I hang on to them. If you’re the kind of person that likes hats and wants to start a collection, or you want to college sports memorabilia, <a href=””> Lids </a> has got you covered.

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