Monday, 24 April 2017

Sigma 30mm f1.4 With Raynox dcr 250 Close-Up Lens Attached - House Fly Mating

I have been playing with the Sigma  30mm f 1.4 lens and trying my level best to improve my photography skill.  As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and finally I managed to get a good one and guess what? This pair of house flies became the subject for my photography lesson . Of course they are mating and this is nature okay :)   I am happy with this shot err...not up to standard yet but I believe they are good for an amateur like me :p  . I have the Raynox dcr-250 lens attached to the Sigma 30mm f 1.4 lens on my D7000 Nikon.  I managed to get a shallow depth of field and the sharpness of my subject. I am proud of myself because this picture is taken handheld. Hand is still quite steady.  Rest assured I will get there soon.  This is a promise I made to myself two years ago when I first bought the Nikon D3200 now using NikonD7000.

There are a couple of common houseflies in my lil space I guess they like to mate on my plants, I don't know why but I read from a forum whereby this participant posted this.....
excerpt taken from here

"Okay, I've been watching these little guys like a hawk. I'm almost 100% positive that these flies are eating the trichomes. I was just in the grow room and there were 3 flies just chilling on the sugar leafs and I watched one with his little tongue gliding over the trichomes. They are not doing any damage to the leafs BUT where I've seen them sitting, those spots have less trichomes "

 Be fruitful and multiply...this is not address to man and woman
but to the insects and animals too :)

Note : the life span of a male housefly is 28 days
and female housefly is 42 -56 days

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