Saturday, 20 May 2017

Close Up Shots Of Insect Camouflage On A Flower Bud

I have not been playing with my DSLR for quite some time...just very busy with stuff and today, I just wanna share some of the beautiful sights that I am lucky to have capture through the close up lens. I am not able to indentify the insect at the moment but once I get its name, I will update here for your information. The beautiful part is how it camouflaged itself on the bud which is about to bloom in a day's time. Color is almost the same as the petals of the bud. I find it most exciting and in awe at how great our God is.  Love this picture much even though it might not be a prize winning picture but it shows me an insight on how the insect can camouflage itself so well.  If not for the close-up lens I would have missed this beautiful sight :) My main intention was to take a close up pic of the flower bud .  Texture of the petal is clearly captured and the fine hairs at the base of the bud too.  I am  still playing with the Depth Of Field (DOF) - ( the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera ) I hope my photography has improved since I took up this hobby :)  I have all the mentors who have been with me through out this journey :) the constant lecturing and tutoring to thank for. Without them I would not have any knowledge of photography.  I know I have still a long way to go but the distance is shorter by the day :)

I purposely set it to have a blur background which
 photographer called it swallow depth of field

see how well it camouflages itself on the flower bud

The awesomeness of God is shown here :)

I Drool Over This Accoustic Bass Guitar

When I saw this beauty, I could only drool for a minute :) My son would love this electric acoustic bass guitar.  And the newest version (3rd edition has some important upgrades - upgrade from the active amplication system to a Fishman MKAB system, the first pre-amp optimized for acoustic bass. Features  real quilt maple wood on the body and the tone of the maple is brighter, more focused and has added projection. Has hand scalloped bracing, double adjustable truss rod and dual graphite reinforcement rods for added neck stability and longevity. Mind you, it has a 34" scale for the perfect string response and the amazing thing is you get a vine style look and has accented inlay that adorns the fingerboard which is made from real abalone and pearl for the ultimate in instrument extravagance . What a beauty !  And the best best thing is , the price is affordable ! If you have intention to change   You can check it out at acoustic bass .