Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Joe's Lastest Addition To His Music Studio

It is hard not to find a Midi Keyboard Controller in my friend Joe's music studio. He keeps adding music instruments and accessories to his band.  I am amazed at his craze for music instruments and accessories. I guess he spend most of his income on musical instruments.  Oh well, since his children are all married, no financial commitment , I guess he has extra for his hobbies. And one of them is music. He has a band and he performs in hotels .  He and his band are always invited to performed for private functions and he is quite popular among our age group that is those above 50's . Hubby and I love to hear him sings Elvis's songs.  And he has a fantastic voice. During one of our meet up, we used to meet up for midnight supper after his performance, I asked him where he gets his music gadgets from and he told us that he usually buy online and sometimes he gets free shipping . His lastest addition is a Midi Keyboard Controller and he got if from best midi keyboard at   and you can check out more music gadgets from their official website . We enjoyed Joe's company very much as he is a great entertainer. He is a clown at times as he makes us laugh the whole night long whenever we are with him. He talks non stop from fishing to music stuff. We love this guy to bits and we are very blessed to have him as our friend :)

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