Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Leafhopper ( family Cicadellidae ) Mating?

There are lots of things to see and observe in my lil space where I planted lots of plants and edibles.  Was looking through my plants for pests and found this leaf hoppers together, either they are courting or about to mate :p  Could not resist  and I took a close up picture of them together on my cotton plant stem. Love the color of the rhubarb.  They are considered pests to my plants but I allowed them to dwell in my garden. They bred fast and in no time I see my cotton plants full of them. They are very tiny and not noticeable unless you really hunt them down.  They are great subjects for my photography lesson :)

The leafhoppers were great friends until this orange insect (not sure whether it is the baby leafhopper) came along and separated them. What a nuisance ! After a while the orange insect flew off and the two leaf hoppers continues their courting LOL! Lots to see through the close up lens and my photography lessons continues :)

love the color of the cotton plant stem...reminds me of Rhubarb

and their courtship continues now going the other direction LOL

love the shallow depth of field here

this is not picture perfect but I somehow love the background :p

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