Tuesday, 18 July 2017

28-Spotted Potato Ladybird Beetle - Larvae Stage

Oh gosh....I spotted these yellow larvae under the bitter gourd leaves. Not knowing what larvae are these, I quickly googled and found that are spotted potato ladybird larvae.  They are considered as pests on agricultural crops such potatoes, radishes , pumpkin, turnips ,spinach and beans.  The adults feed on the upper surface of leaves and the larvae feed on the bottom surface of leaves.  Not  good news for home gardener like me :p . Now I know why my bitter gourd leaves are turning brown . For the time being they are good photography subject for me...so I will allow them to feed on my bitter gourd leaves for a while :p It is kind of cruel to kill them...right ?   Click here for more information

the larvae stay on under the underside of leaves

managed to get a close up..they are very tiny actually
the siblings stay close to each other :)

I love their color at this stage, later days their color will change to
black and orange


  1. They look pretty in yellow but they will destroy your plant.

    1. yup, I removed the whole bittergourd plant together with the pests :) planting new crops