Monday, 19 March 2018

Baby Spider With +10 Close Up Lens

Baby Spider taken with a +10 close up lens.   Its fun taking close up pictures of insects in my lil space. Can't afford an expensive macro lens so this will do for the time being until I get one from Santa Claus :)   

I fixed the +10 close up lens to my Nikon 18-55mm kit lens and I am quite happy with the result. Photo taken handheld.

I have a  long way to go but I will never give up.  One day I will reach my goal.  Taking one step at a time to make the invisible become visible.

Friday, 23 February 2018

The Predator And Its Prey

There are a lot of garden spiders in my lil space. I recently bought a Costus plant for my lil space. One evening, I saw this spider (predator) waiting to catch the ants  ( prey ) that were running along the length of the flower.  I could not this this scene slips, so I took out my camera and started shooting away. Quite fascinating to watch through the lens.  Poor by one they were eaten by this predator.  Maybe its God's way of providing the spider its food :p  It is an interesting subject for my photography quest.  I love my lil space and I see God's wonderful creation through the lens. 

looks like a golden spider

poor ants as you can see they really have little chance
to escape from by one eaten up by the
 predator waiting to strike
 the ants can hardly escape its predator

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Photography -Random Close Up Shots Of Red Mini Hibiscus (Sleeping Hibiscus)

It has been almost 2 and half years since I took up photography and I would say that I truly enjoy this journey together with the hubby.  Though I may not have reached a stage that my photos are above average, I know I have FUN solving the challenges presented to me behind the lens of a camera. For those who are not really into photography, just consider the joy when you solve a crossword puzzle.  Unlike a crossword puzzle, photography is an evolving challenge. There is a myriad of subjects which can range from static to moving or even a sports event.  

I am sharing here some random shots which I took recently while rummaging through my lil space for suitable subject when I saw the beautiful Red Mini Hibiscus aka known as Sleeping Hibiscus are in full bloom. These are the shots I took and I am happy with them even if they dont look that great. I always tell myself I will reach there one day :)   Photos are taken with different settings to get different effect .  All shots are taken hand held.